New bananatag account email tracking analytics

Meet the new Bananatag (beta)

For Bananatag users, the Bananatag account is where all data on how recipients are interacting with emails lives.

As we’ve added more features to Bananatag and our customers have done more with the data, we knew we needed a more robust system and interface. For the past year we’ve worked on building a new version of Bananatag using a new framework that will support our future plans.

Today we are excited to announce the first look at the new Bananatag.

A new look for your Bananatag account

Our updated interface is both more polished and better aligned with the experience of tracking and sending emails from your mail client, thanks to the hard work of our product design team. Justin Lim, Product Designer explained the motivation behind the change, “The goal was to create a symbiotic relationship between email clients and the member site’s account interface; the member site acts as a platform that allow users to improve on the performance of their content through analytics while the email client application acts as an extension to our user’s capabilities and everyday workflow.”

Every view has been updated based on customer feedback and current UI best practices — it’s a really a thing of beauty, starting with the new menu:

New bananatag account email tracking analytics dashboard
We’ve added clarity to the different sections of the account and organized the features and pages into five primary sections:

  • Emails: Previously known as Tags, this view shows statistics for individual tracked emails.
  • Designer: Bananatag’s email designer and template builder
  • Files: Plans that offer attachment tracking will display metrics for each tracked files here.
  • Recipients: Previously known as Contacts, this view shows metrics by the specific email addresses that have been contacted previously.
  • Reports: The Reports section contains preset and custom reports

You can return to the main dashboard view (which is also loaded when you log in) by clicking the Bananatag emblem in the menu.

“The goal was to create a symbiotic relationship between email clients and the member site’s account interface; the member site acts as a platform that allow users to improve on the performance of their content through analytics while the email client application acts as an extension to our user’s capabilities and everyday workflow.”

Justin Lim, UI/UX Designer

What’s new in in Bananatag

Email Templates and the Email Designer

The new interface adds tweaks that make it easier to create and manage email templates and email designs:
bananatag email designer template creator

New geo-location heatmaps

Location data is now represented on a more detailed heatmap (for plans that include this feature):
New bananatag account email tracking analytics heatmap

Email data loads faster than ever

Thanks to a completely new framework under the hood and modular components, the data in your account loads almost instantaneously and running pre-set and custom reports is snappier too.

Accessing the new interface

The new Bananatag account is available for new Free users, as well as for a number of current users, and will be rolled out to all accounts over the next two weeks.

  • tbc212

    Is this available on Safari now?

    • Bananatag

      Thanks for your message. At this time we only support Chrome and Firefox.

      • tbc212


  • JoAn Guevara

    I honestly do not like it very much. This new version omits information than the one previous version showed, for example:
    The exact time an email was opened or clicked on a link. Previous version showing with minutes and seconds, now only leave, as example, 7:00 PM in every record, and nothing else. Also, now in this versión, says “open 9 times” but only shows the first 5 times an email was opened. Could you fix that. I use the free version. Thanks for the app.

    • Bananatag

      Thanks for your feedback JoAn, we’ll share this with our team. Regarding the issue around how many opens were recorded in your account, please email and we’ll be happy to look into it further with you.

  • Squito

    Spiffy! Like anything else new or different, just gonna take some getting used to. I’ll take this opportunity to thank BananaTag for offering a very useful extension.Honestly, I’ve tried the alternatives. They don’t compare in operation, comprehensive abilities, or price. Depending on my anticipated workload, I’ll switch back and forth at times, from Free to a paid account. This is convenient when I know I’m not going to send more than 5 emails. Of course, this isn’t done during a current subscription, only when renewing or not. I realise sometimes, you can’t project a workload 6 months in advance, to make this switch. Being a writer, I’ll know a year in advance what I’m looking forward to. (That can be good, or bad.)

    • Bananatag

      Thanks for your feedback! We’re happy to hear you’re finding the product useful.

  • Chris McKulka

    I think the version is marginally more attractive but, for me at least, significantly less functional. I have already switched back the old UI and I am almost always happy to be on a newer version, etc. even if there are things to be worked out. I hope you will incorporate some of the specific feedback because I am not sure I would have signed up as a paying customer with the current UI. I really like the product and I support your intention to be bold in moving it forward. However for me these changes do much more harm than good in their current form.

    This feedback is the longest, most detailed I have provided to product in quite some time. I am offering because I really like the product / service but this UI has made it more difficult to use and, hence, less valuable. If not revised to respond to some key feedback I would be tempted to try another service which I would have never considered prior to the changes.

    Specific feedback…

    1) The dashboard screen / first screen you see upon logging in shows far less information. Often the key thing I want to know is were specific, recent mails opened. Now I have to scroll down to see this info even on a large, high resolution monitor. This UI probably works better on a mobile device if that was a design goal (much easier to be responsive) but I only visit BT from my desktop.

    2) The new display re. email open status – the primary use case for your product – does not follow good UI design principles. To be honest I think the new UI is pretty broken in this area.

    2a) First the most prominent visual element is the circle with the initial. The “OPENED”, “SENT” indicator is much smaller and the green for OPENED is relatively low contrast vs. the gray for SENT. It almost doesn’t matter because the “initial bubble” is so dominant it is hard to even see the opened / sent indication. If you did eye tracking testing for the new UI I suspect it would be consistent with my experience.

    2b) Turning real recipient name into an “initial bubble” makes the UI nearly unusable for me. I presume you did this because the old UI didn’t deal well with more than one recipient (didn’t notice this until I just tested it). The old UI only lists the first recip in the table (major design flaw). The new one shows three “bubbles” but the they overlap so much I can only read one initial. I can’t even hover over a bubble to see the real name (which would still be a terrible design because I couldn’t scan for info). Maybe for others they can remember who “M” is but it doesn’t work at all for me.

    You really need to bring full names back. How you deal with that should be a function of how many people send mails to one person vs. many. Most of my BT tracked mails are to one person (>= 90% ?). One solution is “Joe Smith (+ 2 more)”. You actually use almost this approach on the single email detail screen. Lots of other reasonable approaches.

    Looking at my list of recipients there are of course many collisions on initials (especially when most but not all are one letter). Am I supposed to remember that a blue “A” is one person vs. a pink “A”?

    Love the service overall but the bubble thing is really really terrible.

    2c) Some of my recipients get two initials “DH” where as most are a single letter. There doesn’t seem to be a correlation to email recipient – both one and two letter “bubbles” have friendly names as well as email address as the recipient (e.g. Joe Smith ).

    2d) The timestamps for when the mails are sent are wrong in the new UI. They are correct in the old one. Probably a time zone issue. I just sent test emails that show as being sent eight hours ago (I am UTC+7). They show correctly as Mar 10 in the old UI.

    3) Having the overview stats be the only thing above “the fold” / on the first monitor worth of real estate on the dashboard would be more valuable if I was doing campaigns, etc. but with 100 tracked mails / day (paid account) I suspect that few are doing this. I certainly don’t. For me the individual mails matter much more. The device type opens overview is also much less valuable info. It is useful just not enough for me to justify its prominence in the UI.

    4) Since everything has been negative (but hopefully constructive and helpful) I will add a bit of positive feedback. I like have the ability to filter my stats but a time period right from the dashboard. Unfortunately that bit of value is 25x outweighed by the issues the new UI presents to me.

    I rooting for you. I love the service and find it incredibly helpful. Please take my feedback.

    Chris McKulka

    • Frank

      I agree with most of your comments. I think that the core problem is that they have tried to create a mobile app (all the UI changes are focused toward this direction), and some (most?) of us use bananatag as a productivity tool from our Desktops.

    • Bananatag

      Hi @chrismckulka:disqus, thank you for taking the time to write to us. We really appreciate your thoughtful and thorough feedback on the new site. We’ll share all of your feedback directly with our Product Team this morning and will work to address these concerns. Thanks again.

      • Bananatag

        Hi again @chrismckulka:disqus. We have an update from our Product Team on some of the feedback you provided us.

        – The dashboard now shows you the summary stats and graph without having to scroll on small monitors
        – Incorrect date/time issues fixed for opens and clicks
        – Tracked emails now show the recipient, not the initials
        – Emails on the dashboard and in the Emails section now clearly indicate whether an there has been an open or a link has been clicked

        Thank you again for your input — our team takes customer feedback seriously and will continue to roll out new fixes.

  • Frank

    The only thing I expected from the new version was that most of the incomplete features were finished. For example: why I can delete template folders? it’s a so basic function that it’s a shame that it still can’t be done. My advice: less “cool” UI and more usability and functionalities.

    • Bananatag

      Hi @disqus_8uMWSGGa2t:disqus, thanks for getting in touch. We’ll share your feedback with our Product Team today and address these concerns.

  • Lindsay Hyle

    Will an extension be added for Google Inbox?

    • Bananatag

      Hi @lindsayhyle:disqus, thanks for your message. An extension for Inbox by Gmail isn’t currently part of our development plan.

  • Ed

    Not impressed. Chris McKulka’s comments below are spot on. Too much wasted space. I want to be able to land on my dashboard and not have to scroll. The email opened and link clicked notations do not show as clearly nor as prominent as the old version. As for the bubbles with initials – that actually makes it much more difficult to see who the email was to. The emphasis should be on the name. Lose the bubbles all together.

    Maybe I am missing it somewhere, but under the old interface I was able to navigate into Tags and sort by Opened Tags, or Links Clicked, or Tags Without Opens. There was much more granularity. Where is this feature on the new interface? That would be a major oversight.

    Third – The emphasis on Device Type Opens Overview should be optional. It probably means more to folks in marketing, but in sales I only care IF they opened my email. I could care less on what device. There should be an option to remove this from my homepage.

    The whole interface seems to be redesigned around mobile. I would be interested to hear what percentage of your users access their dashboard via mobile vs desktop? I would assume most are using it via desktop.

    Overall I give it a disappointing 2 out of 5 stars. It’s unlikely this interface would have grabbed me enough to purchase and I would have probably gone elsewhere.


    • Bananatag

      Hi @disqus_G4iyalQ9Tu:disqus, thank you for your feedback. We’re sharing your message with our team and looking into addressing these concerns with the new site.

  • Albert

    Since the update the track bar no longer appears as an option in my Gmail emails. What’s the deal? For $120 a year I’d like be able to use the extention.

    • Bananatag

      Hi @disqus_5Lk0usAAzc:disqus, sorry to hear you’re having issues — that shouldn’t happen. Please contact our Support Team and we can look into this issue further with you: Thank you!