‘Making it pretty’ has never been this easy (and fun!)

No one likes being told to just ‘make it pretty’. That’s why our email designer makes employee email design easy and fast, so you can focus on what matters most. Drag-and-drop your way to on-brand, professional, modern internal emails that employees actually read with the best employee email designer ever.

Building employee newsletters in
Word and Outlook sucks.

Bananatag’s Email Designer is purpose-built for internal communications. Our modern design tools will simplify your workflow and approval processes, save you countless hours every week, and help you send employee emails you’re really proud of.

Save time and resources

Stop spending hours creating internal email designs that break as soon as you press send. Design modern, professional, mobile-responsive templates in minutes and streamline your creation and approval process.

Create brand consistency

Your internal brand is important. Empower users across your organization to send consistent, trust-worthy, branded emails by providing access to and locking brand fonts and colors.

Get real feedback fast

Don’t wait until your next annual survey to find out if your content is resonating with employees. Embed powerful Pulse Surveys, Social Reactions, and Commenting in your emails for real-time feedback.

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One of the standout features we enjoy is the ability to pre-set our brand colours so that everyone is able to ensure our internal communications are on-brand.

David Purcell

Internal Communications & Media Executive at Travel Counsellors

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Travel Counsellors


Manchester, UK


Travel Services

Customer Story

How Bananatag makes branding across 1900 franchises easy

With franchises operating across seven countries, Travel Counsellors understands how strong branding and visual identity can foster a sense of community and trust.

Travel Counsellors’ outdated email designs weren’t helping the credibility of their internal comms. And with hundreds of emails landing in their inbox every week, it was hard for employees to know which information was the most up-to-date and trustworthy.

They needed their internal emails to inspire confidence and engage their audience. With Bananatag, Travel Counsellors was able to empower a global network of contributors to create consistent, on-brand, modern email designs in minutes.

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