Create and manage your own employee distribution lists

Reach the right employees with the right messages. 

create distribution links based on location or department

Build your own employee lists

Create targeted employee lists based on any attributes you define for employees.

Segment by location, department, and more

Target emails to similar groups of employees, like those working in the same location or department.

If you can dream it, you can segment it

Quickly create lists for new segments based on any combination of employee attributes you need to send to.

Report on employee engagement by segment 

View a breakdown of email stats so that you can compare how the same message is received by different audiences.

Keep your distribution lists up to date

Sync with Azure Active Directory

Connect Bananatag directly to your existing implementation of Azure Active Directory — a one-time setup with an automatic daily sync.

Upload a standard CSV file

Export contact data from any HRIS or people system and easily update your distribution lists.

Follow up with the employees that didn’t open your email

Send smarter follow ups to your most important messages, based on whether or not employees opened your first email.


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