Email Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your emails with powerful employee engagement data

Analyze, strategize, and optimize your communications

Get data that will help you answer important questions about your internal email strategy, like:

Are we sending too many emails to employees?

Are employees reading our newsletters?

What content do employees want and need?

Discover the story in your data

Open Rates

Find out if, when, and where employees are opening your emails.

Click Maps

Find out what content is most popular with employees and see if clicks are being hindered or supported by your email design.

Read Times

Show whether employees are glancing, skimming, or actually reading your emails, so you can keep improving.

Device Type

Discover which devices employees are using to open your emails on so you can tailor your content and strategy.

Break down your analytics by department, location, and more

Get deeper insights into your audiences by breaking down your
email engagement data by employee segments. For example:

Open rate by department

Find out which departments aren’t opening and reading your messages.

Click rate by location

Discover which locations are most engaged.

Survey response by job title

Learn how sentiment tracks across different roles.

Export your analytics for presentations and dashboards

Export PDF or CSV Reports

Run predefined reports by date, subject line, or even sender, with options to export to spreadsheets or PDFs.

Pull your data into 3rd party software using our API

Automatically update your company dashboards or export your analytics into systems like Power BI.

Collect employee feedback with Pulse Surveys

Give employees a voice

Collect timely feedback on any topic with embedded Pulse Surveys and commenting, finally making your employee emails a two-way communication channel.

Data collection that meets the highest security and privacy standards

Privacy protected

We are committed to helping our customers comply with all relevant company, local, and international privacy regulations.

Your data is secure

All account data is stored on an encrypted connection with enterprise-level, pen-tested, secure servers.

How strategic communicators are using internal email metrics

Track email metrics across shared workstations and digital workspaces

Reduce employee email overload

The metrics we get from Bananatag are really important especially for our internal communications.

We have five or six different categories of content in our newsletter, and now we can evaluate what employees are actually reading and what’s making an impact.

Geoffrey Stuart | Marketing Coordinator, Raba Kistner Inc

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