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Drag-and-drop your way to better employee emails

Speed up design with pre-built content blocks

Insert pre-built content blocks in a variety of formats to create custom designs that’ll look great on every device.

Ultimate creative freedom and control

Customize absolutely anything. From spacing and content types to fonts and colors, you name it, you control it. Finally, you can bring your creative vision to life.

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Collaborate with your team in real time

Say goodbye to back-and-forth approval chains

With the click of a button you can invite anyone in your organization to view and collaborate on your email content or design, saving you time and headaches when you’re sourcing content and getting approval.

See who else is editing

When you’re working with multiple contributors, you can see exactly who is editing what in real time, so you can avoid double-work.

View and revert to old versions

See the progress and changes made by your entire team and revert to previous versions of your email without deleting your most recent work.

Professionally designed employee newsletter templates

No need to start from scratch. Every account is equipped with professionally designed, modern, fully-customizable employee email templates that you can adapt and use immediately.

Bananatag Email Designer: Awesome-looking newsletter templates
Bananatag Email Designer: An example of responsive email template

Responsive email templates that look great on every device

Every email template and design you create with our Email Designer is fully responsive. That means whether employees are reading your emails on desktop, mobile, or anything in-between, your email designs won’t break and will always look professional.

Save and lock brand colors and fonts

Keep everyone on brand and save time when you’re creating new employee emails by locking your brand colors and fonts for all users.

Bananatag Email Designer: Fonts and Colors can be set and adjusted

Bananatag Email Designer: Image showing you can easily add video to an email

Easily add videos to employee emails

With just a few clicks you can optimize your employee video content for your emails, maximizing clicks, engagement, and reach.

How creative organizations are using Bananatag’s Email Designer

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Collaborating on email creation across teams

Bananatag Email Designer: Brand consistency icon

Promoting brand consistency across the organization

Bananatag Email Designer: Icon about using video block

Getting more value out of video with employee emails

I really like the new Bananatag Email Designer! I’m a graphic designer, and I love that it gives me a lot of freedom to create and customize content.

Abiu Camarena | Senior Communications Specialist, Dexcom

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