Email metrics that help you work smarter, not harder

Opens, clicks, read time, and location data. Find out what’s working and what’s not.

Get powerful insights
on your employee email strategy

Answer the important questions about your communications:

Are we sending
too many emails?

Are employees reading
our newsletter?

What content
is most engaging?

Capture all the data you need

Opens & Clickmaps

Find out if employees are opening your emails and see which content they’re clicking on most.

Read Time

Find out if employees are reading your content by measuring how long they spend in your emails.

Location & Device Type

See how your content performs across different locations and on mobile and desktop.

Data collection that meets the highest security and privacy standards

Privacy protected

Keep legal happy by collecting only aggregate metrics on your existing distribution lists.

Your data is secure

All account data is stored on an encrypted connection with enterprise-level, pen-tested, secure servers.

“We use Bananatag to make data-driven communication decisions as well as ensure our global audience receives emails that look consistent.”

David Purcell
Internal Communication Executive, Travel Counsellors


Well, we’ve got answers.

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