Pulse Surveys, Social Reactions
& Feedback

Transform your internal emails into a two-way communication channel.

Ask employees anything with embedded surveys

Get direct feedback, track sentiment, and give employees a voice.

Pulse Surveys

Get ongoing feedback on any topic with one-question surveys that employees can answer directly from their inbox.

The modern suggestion box

Foster a culture of communication by enabling Survey Feedback and make it easy for employees to give regular input.


Use a single question to conduct ongoing industry-standard Employee Net Promoter®-style polls and get one number to report on loyalty and happiness.

Track sentiment with Social Reactions

Social Reactions

Give employees the opportunity to express themselves and react to anything you send, with a full set of visual reactions.

Like Button

Switch on the ‘like’ button on any piece of content to start gathering positive feedback.

Yes or No

Gauge understanding of your key messages by adding a simple, binary survey to any email.

Capture feedback anonymously and maintain employee privacy

Privacy protected

Keep legal happy by collecting only aggregate metrics on your existing distribution lists.

Your data is secure

All account data is stored on an encrypted connection with enterprise-level, pen-tested, secure servers.

Used by 500+ Industry Leading Organizations

Download a PDF with more details about Bananatag for employee communication.

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Quickstart Guide to Pulse Surveys. Learn the easiest way to measure impact and boost employee engagement.

Blog Post

10 Employee Pulse Survey Questions You Should be Asking.