Pulse Surveys

Get feedback faster with employee pulse surveys

Create employee pulse surveys on any topic

Easy, fast, and flexible pulse surveys

Embed one-click pulse surveys directly into your emails and start collecting valuable employee feedback fast.

Ask employees anything

Customize your questions, response scales, and survey type.

Give employees a voice

Use pulse surveys to find out how employees feel about any issue in your organization, whether it’s how they felt about the last town hall or how engaged they are at work.

Improve your communications with employee feedback

Find out what employees want

With pulse surveys, you don’t have to wait until your annual survey to find out what employees want from your communications.

Get everyone on the same page

Using binary ‘yes or no’ surveys, you can find out if employees understand your key messages and organizational goals.

Track employee sentiment

Use pulse surveys, social reactions, or like buttons to gauge sentiment and discover which content is the most engaging.

Measure employee happiness with one number: eNPS

Employee Net Promoter Score

Use industry-standard Employee Net Promoter Score surveys to report on employee loyalty and happiness.

Improve employee engagement

eNPS insights can help your organization improve and make data-backed, employee-informed decisions.

Make your employee emails a two-way conversation

The modern suggestion box

Show employeees you’re listening by allowing them to comment (anonymous or not) after completing any survey question.

Sort employee feedback by survey response

Easily sort employee comments by their survey answers so you can quickly find out the reason for positive or negative responses.

Share employee feedback with stakeholders

Demonstrate the impact of change on employees

Share your pulse survey results with leadership to show how employees are reacting to company-wide initiatives.

Empower leaders

Help leaders make better decisions by providing them frequent insight into the employee experience.

Export and report

Provide ongoing, actionable employee insights to leadership and stakeholders with customizable survey and email metrics reports.

I’m really proud to say that since our last engagement survey, we’ve shot through the roof in terms of how people feel connected to our company. I give Bananatag a lot of credit for that, because it’s made it so easy to keep people involved and engaged.

Katie Cavicchio | Internal Communications Manager,

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