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Built for the Internal Communications workflow

Design and send internal emails to your existing distribution lists from Outlook and get useful insight on email opens, link clicks, device type, location and more.

Design mobile-friendly internal emails, right in Outlook

Now anyone on your team can design full HTML emails and send them right from your mail client. Drag and drop elements. Add title text, buttons, images and text blocks — no design experience required.

Get the numbers you need to prove your impact

Quickly export thoughtfully designed reports on engagement with your comms, or create your own custom reports using any combination of metrics in your account.

Internal Communicators love working with Bananatag

From organizations with hundreds of employees to Fortune 100 organizations with hundreds of thousands, Bananatag is a scalable solution for internal comms.

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IT Setup is Easy

Your organization doesn’t need to change standardized systems or update existing internal distribution lists. Our plugin can be downloaded and installed on the sender’s computer in minutes, and you can start measuring instantly.

Privacy is Protected

We know privacy is especially important for large organizations. That’s why our tool doesn’t track individual users, so you get aggregate data on behaviour within your distribution lists, and keep legal happy (for now).

Data is Secure

The contents of messages are never recorded in your account, with the exception of link URLs in your emails (if desired, for tracking link clicks). Account data is stored on an encrypted connection with enterprise-level pen tested secure servers.