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How's engagement on your internal emails?

Improving employee engagement isn’t an easy task, especially without knowing how many people are opening internal emails. Tracking options exist, but they rely on third-party systems and provide limited data. So what’s the answer?

See open and click data for your internal emails

Internal Comms plans are specifically designed for customers who need to track email to lists of individuals within their organization. There is no restriction on the number of individuals the emails are sent to and the packages are flexible to accommodate for changes.

Send To Distribution Lists

No need to import contact lists into another system. Track emails sent to your existing internal distribution lists.

Real Time Reporting

We know sending an email to thousands of people can be a little intimidating. But don’t worry our real time reporting will have you reassured that your communication has made its mark.

Measure Engagement

Measuring your emails' opens and clicks provides a great indicator on engagement. You can also see what device type your communications are being viewed on as well as what location they are being viewed from.

Export Data

Need your data in Excel? No problem! Export your data and reports so you can manipulate it to suit your needs. View Report

Track from Outlook or Gmail or Lotus Notes

Bananatag integrates directly with your Outlook, Gmail, or Lotus Notes allowing you to add tracking features without needing to change existing workflows. It's as simple as checking a box to track emails right from your compose window.

IT Setup is Easy

Our plugin can be downloaded and installed in minutes, without requiring any change to your existing configuration or internal distribution lists.

Privacy is Protected

Bananatag doesn't track individual users, so you get data on behaviour within your distribution list and keep legal happy.

Data is Secure

The contents of your message are never recorded in your account, with the exception of URLs in your emails (if desired, for tracking link clicks.)

Best. Email. Templates. Ever.

Now anyone on your team can create beautiful internal emails and send them right from your mail client. Drag and drop elements. Add title text, buttons, images and text blocks — no design experience required. It’s intuitive and forgiving, cleverly re-adjusting with each change.

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