Never send a broken email again

Outlook wasn’t built for sending internal newsletters. And unless you’re awesome at writing HTML code, you’re limited to using the wrong tools which result in non-standardized designs and a broken experience for mobile users.

When you design your internal emails with Bananatag, you can save time and stay on brand with our template library and customizable email designer.

Design beautiful emails right in your email client,
without writing code

Email templates make design simple

Our library of internal email templates allows for quick creation of the most common types of employee emails while maintaining a consistent look and feel across different messages.

All included email templates are fully customizable to your organization’s branding and internal guidelines.

Keep your existing workflow in Outlook, Outlook 365, or Gmail

Give your team the ability to design and collaborate on employee emails without adopting an external system.

Want to learn more or need something to pass along? Download a PDF of our Internal Comms plan.

Import your existing email templates or design from scratch to your organization’s standards


Simple setup

Bananatag is only installed on the computers you send from and can be implemented without requiring significant IT resources.


Match existing brand standards

Easily match brand colours and add images to customize new designs to your organization’s branding standards.


Import existing email templates

Paste code from any existing HTML templates that you’re already using and bring them into our Email Designer.

"I love, love, LOVE
the Email Designer!"

Stephanie Richard

Internal Communicator,

Calgary Zoo

Learn how our Email Designer will help you never send another broken email again.