Use real-time data to improve your communication

You use internal email for the most important messages, but you're sending into the abyss, with no way of tracking your email's performance. Internal Comms is flying blind.

Bananatag helps you fix your overloaded email channel by giving you data on what’s working (and what’s actually being read).

Use data-driven insights to answer important questions

Bananatag can help you answer important questions like:

Drill down with advanced email metrics and custom reporting

Easily create reports that show your internal email metrics on one page and track trends over time. You can view data in your browser or export to Excel.

Want to learn more or need something to pass along? Download a PDF of our Internal Comms plan.

Bananatag doesn’t track individuals and is trusted by over 300 leading organizations


Simple setup

Bananatag is only installed on the computers you send from and can be implemented without requiring significant IT resources.


Privacy is protected

Bananatag doesn’t track individual users, so you get aggregate data on behaviour within your distribution lists while keeping legal happy.


Data is secure

All account data is stored on an encrypted connection with enterprise-level, pen-tested, secure servers.

"Using Bananatag data, we’ve reduced the number of emails in our organization."

Elizabeth Wang

Director of Internal Communications,

Piedmont Healthcare

Learn how email metrics will help you send better employee emails.