Why 450+ Leading Organizations Trust Us

Bananatag takes pride in devoting extensive resources towards network security in order to ensure our customers’ data is safe and sound.

How we protect your data

1. Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

Bananatag utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud infrastructure hosting and services. AWS is fully compliant with multiple SOC and ISO regulations. Multi-region is supported such that data would not leave your region (if desired).

All of Bananatag’s services are hosted in the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and are protected with:

2. Data Storage Security and Backups

3. Environment Access Control

A principle of least privilege is employed to all staff and users.

Our unique edge

Bananatag is built around a highly scalable cloud infrastructure which ensures world-class uptime.

Your privacy

Bananatag is committed to user privacy and is compliant with GDPR.