How much could your organization save by using Bananatag?

Save time and reduce the cost of email overload in your organization. Use our ROI calculator to get an idea of how much value Bananatag can bring to your organization. Curious about our calculations? Download our ROI guide below to learn more.

* We’ll show you how we’ve seen communicators save at least 20% of their time using our drag-and-drop Email Designer, email template library, real-time collaboration features and more. Exact time savings may vary based on your organization. Learn more about time-saving Bananatag features by downloading the guide below.

* We’ll show you how we’ve seen organizations reduce their internal email by at least 30% using targeted distribution lists and combining
multiple pieces of content into email newsletters. Exact savings may
vary based on your organization.

** Based on 2 min per employee, per email, including interruption time. Data taken from this study, published in the International Journal of Information Management.

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Quotes made of bananas

I’ve really enjoyed Bananatag. It’s made a huge difference for us. It’s honestly been one of the best additions to make my job easier. The email designer has made building email way more fun! We’ve had other tools, and this is head-and-shoulders above others I have used.

Marc Cassini | Communications Partner, Manulife

Download the Bananatag ROI Guide

This guide will walk you through how we calculate the ROI of Bananatag in organizations, and how Bananatag customers are saving time and saving money for their organizations.

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