Sending too many internal emails is a bigger problem than you think

Not only does it annoy employees, dilute your messages, and hurt your best communication channel, studies show that email overload can significantly impact stress levels and productivity — and that can become a big problem for your organization.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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The cure for internal email overload

With Bananatag you can engage employees, improve the effectiveness of your internal communications, and align your entire organization by sending fewer, more engaging, targeted communications that employee actually want to read.

Find out what works

Use Email Analytics and Pulse Surveys to find out which content employees want and need, all while proving the effectiveness of your new email strategy.

Combine multiple messages

Use the Email Designer to easily and quickly consolidate multiple emails into branded, professional, easy-to-digest newsletters that employees will actually want to read.

Target specific audiences

Before you hit send on another ‘all-staff’ email, use Custom Distribution Lists and create a better employee experience by sending targeted, more relevant communications.

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With Bananatag’s help, we have the data to communicate more effectively.

Elisabeth Wang

Executive Director, Brand Building and Communications at Piedmont Healthcare

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Piedmont Healthcare


Atlanta, Georgia, USA



Customer Story

How Bananatag makes sending fewer internal emails easy

At Piedmont Healthcare, keeping over 2500 medical staff and over 22000 employees informed and up-to-date is essential, and a serious challenge.

Before Bananatag, employees at Piedmont were being inundated by email on a daily basis. To prove that sending fewer emails would be more effective, they knew they needed to be able to track engagement through email opens and click-throughs.

The data they collected with Bananatag helped them show leaders that they didn’t need a separate email for every initiative. This helped reduce the number of emails they had to send, while still getting their messages across effectively.

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