Add video to employee emails for Outlook

Get more value out of video with your employee email

Combine video content with your most popular employee communication channel to increase employee engagement.

Many organizations are investing in video as part of their internal communications strategy as they look to deliver messages to their employees in more engaging ways. Despite this, it’s often surprisingly difficult to share video content in large organizations. Without a way to directly integrate video into the most popular internal communication channel, email, it’s challenging to get employees to take action on video content or collect engagement data to help build a case for producing more video content.

Does this sound like you?

  • “We spent a lot of time and money making an employee video that none of our employees watched”
  • “We can’t share videos in our emails”
  • “We have a hard time getting employees to engage with our video content”
  • “We can’t get buy-in to create more video content without proving that our existing efforts are working.”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Bananatag is used by hundreds of organizations to share video content with their employees.

How Bananatag helps organizations get more value out of internal videos

Easily integrate video content into your employee emails

Bananatag’s email designer enables you to easily share any video content in your employee emails, whether it’s hosted on the internet or your employee intranet. Inserting a video into Bananatag’s email designer instantly creates a thumbnail with a play button overlay that your employees will see right in their inboxes, giving your videos the attention they deserve.

Email designer with video for Outlook employee emails

Employee email video analytics and metrics

Use email metrics to build a case for video

Link tracking tells you how many employees are opening the videos you share in your employee emails regardless of where the videos are hosted. This means you can see how many employees are watching public videos on your organization’s YouTube channel, or gather metrics for a video you’ve hosted on your intranet. You’ll quickly know which videos get the most attention and be able to use that information to improve your video communications. 

Once you have the numbers to prove that employees are actually engaging with video content, as well as the ability to see how these metrics compare to engagement with traditional content, you’ll have the data you need to make informed decisions. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to make a much more convincing case to leadership to budget more resources for creating future video content.

Use employee surveys to gather feedback on video content

Bananatag’s survey features help you understand how employees really think and feel. Paired with video, you can use surveys to gauge employee sentiment on important messages, or ask employees if they prefer video content directly. If you want even more in-depth feedback, you can enable comments on your surveys in order to collect employees’ opinions, suggestions, and requests for your video communications.

Employee email video example and surveys for feedback

The Result

Internal video content can be a great way to boost employee engagement as well as condense and deliver complex messages. Bananatag gives communicators at hundreds of organizations the ability to easily share video content using their most popular internal communication channel, email. Communicators can also use Bananatag to gather the metrics and insights needed to both improve their video content and prove the value of video as part of their internal communications strategy.

“We use Bananatag to make data-driven communication decisions as well as ensure our global audience receives emails that look consistent.”

David Purcell
Internal Communication Executive, Travel Counsellors


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