Promote Brand Consistency across your employee communications

Promote brand consistency across employee communications in your organization

Easily share employee comms email templates and corporate branding assets

Staying on-brand is a challenge for communicators at most large organizations. Various teams and departments tend to use branding elements inconsistently or add unapproved stylistic touches, and internal communications often don’t receive the same design attention or resources as external communications.

Inconsistently branding in emails can make communicators look unprofessional, confuse employees and even harm employee engagement with important messages. Unapproved branding elements also often end up being used externally by employees.

Does this sound like you?

  • “No one uses our brand consistently internally.”
  • “We’ve spent a lot of time developing a great employee brand, but we’ve had trouble getting people to use it.”
  • “Different departments and teams always send emails that look like they are from different companies.”
  • “Even if we create great templates for our emails we have no easy way of sharing them across the company.”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Bananatag is used by hundreds of organizations to promote and ensure brand consistency in their internal communications.

How Bananatag helps internal communicators maintain brand consistency

Share employee email templates across your team or organization

Anyone can build great looking emails and templates using Bananatag’s Email Designer, with no design experience required. Starting with Bananatag’s pre-built templates or from a blank canvas, you can easily build templates for weekly newsletters, executive messages, important alerts, and any other internal email that is frequently sent in your organization. 

Bananatag is designed to support all sizes of comms teams within large organizations, so all plans include unlimited users. This means that once you build the perfect email template, you can choose to save it for your own use or instantly share it with your team or even other departments across your organization. You can also customize your templates for various departments, business units, or whoever else in your organization needs to send distinct messaging.

Email templates for modern employee email communications

corporate branding settings in Bananatag platform

Save your organization’s colors and fonts for quick access in the Email Designer

Bananatag’s Branding Presets enable you to save colors, fonts, and link styles for quick access in the Email Designer by all of your organization’s Bananatag users. In addition to promoting brand consistency, this helps users save time creating emails and ensures that they always have access to your organization’s current brand.

Restrict other users from using unauthorized colors and fonts

Bananatag users on an Enterprise Plan are able to take even greater control of the branding in their internal emails by preventing non-admin Bananatag users from selecting unapproved colors or fonts in Bananatag’s email designer. Combined with Branding Presets, this gives you the ultimate amount of control over the branding in your internal emails.

The Result

Bananatag’s Email Designer makes it easy to create professional, branded, communications with no design experience required. The ability to share email templates and branding assets, as well as restrict users from creating unauthorized designs, puts internal communicators in control of employee communications and helps make every email more effective.

“We use Bananatag to make data-driven communication decisions as well as ensure our global audience receives emails that look consistent.”

David Purcell
Internal Communication Executive, Travel Counsellors


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