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Communicate effectively with employees during a crisis

Be ready to send measurable internal communications and gather employee feedback when it counts.

Communicate during a crisis

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“When our Comms team is in crisis response mode, seconds matter, but it’s hard for us to get important messages out very quickly.”

“If we have an urgent need to communicate with a specific group we can’t wait for IT to create a new distribution list. Often we’re forced to decide between emailing too large of an audience or not communicating at all.”

We don’t have time to make sure our emergency email comms are measurable, targeted or on-brand, but then we don’t know if they’re getting the message.”

The Challenge

Getting information to employees during a crisis can be stressful. You need to get messages out quickly, make sure the right messages get to the right people, and then be prepared to advise leadership on the effectiveness of those messages.

For many organizations, email remains the best way to communicate during a crisis. That said, most communicators are using outdated tools that are unreliable, time-consuming, and force them to sacrifice measurement and professionalism in favour of just getting the email out.

During a crisis, communicators must ensure business continuity, advise leadership, and make sure employees trust the communications they are receiving. Without reliable tracking, targeting, and design tools, communicators lose precious time, influence, and insight.

How Bananatag helps you communicate during a crisis

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Collaborate quickly across your organization

Save valuable time with ready-to-go messaging.

Leverage the knowledge of thousands of other
communicators by using pre-built crisis comms email

Get multiple team members working on the same email
together in real time, and easily share drafts and templates.

Instantly create custom distribution lists

Target right employees with the right message, by creating distribution lists based on any employee attributes.

Create dynamic lists that are always up-to-date, even when employees change locations, roles, or leave the organization.

Automatically sync with your Active Directory, or upload CSVs.

Don’t delay your communications waiting for IT.

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Bananatag Email Designer: An example of responsive email template

Drag-and-drop to build mobile-friendly emails

Make your communications accessible on any device, so you can reach employees anywhere.

Ensure your emails are easy to read and look professional on phones or tablets.

Ensure employees read critical messages

Make sure all employees get the message by tracking open and click rates, and time spent reading each email to find out if additional efforts are required.

Easily send follow-up emails to only those employees who didn’t open the initial message.

Open rates
Crisis feedback

Gather employee feedback and sentiment quickly

Collect feedback or gauge employee sentiment when it matters most.

Use surveys to check-in with employees or ask for direct feedback on your communication efforts.

Get valuable insights to your leaders and provide strategic advice based on real time employee engagement data.

Why use Bananatag?



Communicate quickly and efficiently when it matters most.


Leverage detailed metrics to ensure employees are getting the message.


Gather critical, timely feedback using a single tool.

During this unique time, we’ve had to dive in and accelerate a whole slew of communications: crisis comms, IT notices, and messages to connect, encourage, and engage employees. I’m so grateful to have Bananatag as a valuable partner.

Michelle Wagner

Employee Communications Manager at Midpen Housing Corporation

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