Email crisis communications for employees

Communicating with Employees During a Crisis

Be ready to send measurable internal communications and gather employee feedback when it counts.

Communicating in a crisis requires agility and adaptability. You have to be able to craft messaging on a dime that provides timely and accurate information to your audience. Then you have to disseminate the right message to the right people and, hopefully, measure your effectiveness.

For many organizations, email remains the best way to communicate during a crisis. That said,  most communicators are stuck using outdated tools that either waste time, or force them to sacrifice measurement and design in favour of just getting the message out.

Crisis communication can be stressful but, in keeping employees up-to-date, and providing valuable strategic guidance to leadership, you can make a significant impact for your organization and help ensure business continuity. The right tools can make the whole experience easier for your team.

Does this sound like you?

  • “It’s difficult for us to get important messaging out quickly.” 
  • “When our Comms team is in crisis response mode, seconds matter. We don’t have time to make sure our messaging is measurable, targeted or on-brand.”
  • “If we have an urgent need to communicate with a specific group we can’t wait for IT to create a new distribution list. Often we’re forced to decide between emailing too large of an audience or not communicating at all.”
  • “We rely on email to communicate with our employees but we don’t know if they’re getting the message.”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Bananatag is used for crisis communications by hundreds of organizations.

How Bananatag Helps

Collaborate quickly across your organization

The ability to share email drafts and templates across unlimited users in your organization makes Bananatag the ideal tool for collaboratively building emails with users from different offices or communicators working remotely. 

Based on everything we’ve learned from working with thousands of communicators in the world’s leading organizations, we’ve pre-built a variety of email templates, including templates specifically for internal crisis communication. Whether you use one of our pre-built templates or build your own from scratch, you can easily share them across your team and organization so you can ensure that your communicators have ready-to-go messaging that will save valuable time when you’re responding to an issue.

Bananatag’s Email Designer also tells you who’s editing the same email as you, so you don’t waste any time on duplicate or conflicting work when seconds count.

Collaborate on crisis communications with multiple users in real time
Create custom distribution lists for employees during a location specific crisis

Instantly create custom distribution lists

Bananatag can sync with your Active Directory employee directory (you can also upload CSVs from other directory systems) so that you can create custom lists fast and reach the right audience with the right messages.Create lists to reach:

  • A specific city or office
  • Everyone in a specific department or job role
  • Managers

In a crisis, sometimes a blanket approach isn’t the right one. You need the ability to target the right employees with the right message. Fast.

With Bananatag you can instantly create Custom Distribution Lists from any employee attribute or combination of attributes stored in Bananatag. The ability to create dynamic lists in Bananatag ensures that your lists are always up to date as employees change locations, roles, or leave the organization. There’s no need to wait for  IT to make your distribution lists as reactive as your communications need to be.

Drag-and-drop build responsive employee communications for any device

Emails built in Bananatag automatically scale to any device, ensuring that they’re easy to read wherever your employees happen to be reading them. This can be especially important in situations where your employees are switching from desktop computers to reading your communications on phones or tablets which are prone to email formatting issues.

The accessibility of email can also make it more valuable in crisis situations as your employees may be unable to access your company intranet or other resources that rely on their physical location.

Employee email designer with responsive emails for mobile devices
Employee email metrics to measure engagement during a crisis

Ensure employees are reading critical messages during a crisis

With Bananatag, you can see the open rates, click rates, and even the time recipients spend reading any email you send in real-time. These metrics will help you make sure every employee has gotten the message or let you know if additional communication efforts are required.   

If you’re sending to a distribution list built in Bananatag, you’re also able to send Follow Up emails to only the employees who didn’t open your initial message, so that you can rest assured that everyone is getting the message.

Gather employee feedback and sentiment quickly

Bananatag’s survey features make it easy to gather feedback or gauge employee sentiment when it matters most. You can use surveys to ask big picture questions like how well employees are handling a situation or you can ask employees for direct feedback on your communication efforts. 

The data you collect can provide valuable insights to your organization’s leadership and help cement your seat at the table.

Employee feedback through email during a crisis

The Result

Bananatag has the capabilities communicators in all sizes of organizations need to be ready when it counts. Bananatag’s industry-leading email designer helps communicate quickly and efficiently when it matters most. With detailed metrics, communicators can ensure employees are getting the message and gather critical, timely feedback using a single tool.

“During this unique time, we’ve had to dive in and accelerate a whole slew of communications: crisis comms, IT notices, and messages to connect, encourage, and engage employees. I’m so grateful to have Bananatag as a valuable partner.”

Michelle Wagner
Employee Communications Manager, MidPen Housing Corporation


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