Use Case

Collaborate on employee email across teams and departments

Work faster and more efficiently by inviting stakeholders to contribute directly to the email.

Collaborate on employee email across teams and departments

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“When members of our team are working on the same communication at once, we overwrite each other’s work all the time.”

Our approval process for internal emails is time-consuming. We spend too much time sending drafts back and forth.”

“We currently build emails in Word and paste the content into Outlook when it’s time to send. I wish building our internal emails was faster and easier. Even if we create great email templates, there’s no effective way to share them across the team.”

The Challenge

Great internal communication is a team-effort, but most tools are designed for single users. As a result, many teams waste critical time with inefficient workflows and slow approval processes.

Trying to get communications approved across various departments is nearly impossible without additional iterations and significant delays.

Additionally, siloed communication efforts may result in brand inconsistencies across the organization, adding unnecessary confusion and noise to your communication efforts.

How Bananatag empowers your communications team

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Collaborate with multiple colleagues in real time

Instantly share any draft or template with others across your organization.

Simplify the editing and approval process by inviting stakeholders into the email and working on them together and making changes in real time.

See who else is editing the same draft or template and avoid overwriting each other’s work.

Easily view and restore previous email versions

Easily go back and restore previous content without overwriting your most recent work.

Stop worrying about team members accidentally deleting something important and view your progress over time.

View up to 100 previous versions of each draft or templates for up to a year.

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Template sharing feature shown

Maintain brand consistency across your comms

Ensure consistency across teams and departments by using templates and branding presets.

Restrict the use of unauthorized colors, fonts, and styles.

Customize pre-built email templates created with best
practices insight from thousands of communications

Share templates with any other user in your organization.

Invite anyone to collaborate on your comms

Add unlimited users to ensure everyone in your organization who needs to can collaborate on internal communications.

Restrict user access and permissions to keep things running smoothly.

Ensure seamless approvals by sending previews to anyone in your organization.

Team control feature

Why use Bananatag?



Efficiently build internal emails with other members of your team in real time.


Collaborate with your colleagues remotely, and get everyone on the same page faster.


Ensure brand consistency across your internal communications.

Bananatag has been really easy to use, and we haven’t had any problems training new users within the company. We love this tool.

Geoffrey Stuart | Marketing Coordinator, Raba Kistner Inc

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Great employee communication starts with Bananatag

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