Collaborate on employee communications

Collaborate on employee email across your communications team

Work faster and more efficiently with the most collaborative employee Email Designer available

Great internal communication is a team-effort, but most tools are designed for single users. As a result, many organizations waste critical time with inefficient workflows and slow approval processes. Getting your organization on the same page is hard enough without worrying about whether or not your comms team is.

Does this sound like you?

  • “We currently build emails in Word and paste the content into Outlook when it’s time to send.”
  • “Our approval process for internal emails is very time consuming.”
  • “We spend way too much time sending internal emails back and forth before we finally send them to our employees.”
  • “I wish we had a better workflow for building our internal comms.”
  • “There’s nothing to prevent members of our team who are working on the same communications at once from overwriting each other’s work.”
  • “Even if we create great templates for our email communications we have no easy way of sharing them across the company.”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Bananatag is used by hundreds of organizations to promote and ensure brand consistency in their internal communications.

Collaborate on employee emails with multiple users in real time

How Bananatag empowers your communications team

Collaborate on employee emails with multiple users in real-time

Any email draft or template built in Bananatag can be instantly shared with other Bananatag users at your organization, making it easy to collaborate across teams in various offices (or remotely) before you hit send. Editing and approval of communications become simple because users can work directly on their emails together, eliminating the need to forward test copies or mark up PDFs. 

Bananatag’s Email Designer even shows you when other members of your team are currently editing the same email draft or template as you, helping you ensure that you don’t overwrite each other’s work.

Easily view and restore previous versions of your emails

Users on Bananatag’s Enterprise plan are able to use our Version History feature, which enables them to view up to 100 previous versions of each of their email drafts or templates for up to a year. This means that if something accidentally gets deleted by one of your team members, or if you simply want to see the progress made on your email newsletter over time, it’s easy to go back and restore previous content without overwriting your most recent work.

Restore previous versions of employee email designs with version history
Share employee email templates across your communications teams

Share employee email templates and branding assets across your organization

We’ve pre-built a variety of email templates based on everything we’ve learned from working with thousands of employee communicators at some of the world’s leading organizations. Whether you use our templates or build your own templates from scratch, you can easily share them to any Bananatag user in your organization. 

The ability to share templates, combined with sharing resources like brand colors and fonts, makes it easy to promote professionalism and consistency across all of your internal communications. Bananatag users on an Enterprise plan can even restrict the use of unauthorized colors, fonts, and link styles across their organizations Bananatag accounts.

Add unlimited users from across your organization

Bananatag is designed to be shared, and all plans include unlimited users from your organization. This means you can add everyone on your team as well as your colleagues from other departments so that everyone that needs to can collaborate on your internal comms. 

Flexible User Permissions enable you to restrict user access and capabilities in order to keep things running smoothly while adding users from across your organization. 

You’re also able to send a preview copy of any email you build in Bananatag to recipients without Bananatag accounts, making one-off collaborations with anyone in the organization easy.

User permissions and team control for large communications teams

The Result

Bananatag is the most collaborative internal email tool available, and makes it painless and stress free for communicators to build internal emails together. Communication teams that use Bananatag are empowered to promote brand consistency across their organization’s internal communications, collaborate with colleagues regardless of their physical location, and get everyone on the same page faster than ever.

“We use Bananatag to make data-driven communication decisions as well as ensure our global audience receives emails that look consistent.”

David Purcell
Internal Communication Executive, Travel Counsellors


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