Reduce employe email overload in your organization

Reduce Employee Email Overload

Develop a data-driven internal email strategy and stop sending too many internal emails.

Email remains the best way for communicating with large groups of employees, but studies show that email overload can increase stress and decrease productivity across an organization. Many organizations are struggling to balance limiting the number of “all-staff” emails they send with ensuring that their employees are getting all of the relevant information they need to do their jobs.

Does this sound like you?

At Bananatag, we talk to thousands of communicators a year and we’re always hearing things like:

  • “All-staff is our default communication strategy”
  • “Too many different people and departments are emailing our employees- I wish we could centralize our communications”
  • “We don’t even know if employees read our emails”
  • “It feels like our emails are becoming less effective over time”
  • “I’ve given up on trying to get IT to create new distribution lists”
  • “I’ve heard that some employees set their inboxes to filter out emails from our department”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Bananatag is used by hundreds of organizations to reduce internal email overload.

How Bananatag helps organizations send less employee email

Measure what works and what doesn’t for employee email

You may have heard the saying “you can’t improve what you don’t measure,” which is why email measurement is at the core of Bananatag. Instantly track open rates, click rates, engagement by location and more, for any email sent with Bananatag. Break down specific emails, track trends over time, and see exactly what works and what doesn’t.

You can even allow employees to voice their opinions with Bananatag’s interactive survey elements, which enable you to place questions like “Was this email helpful?” right in the emails you’re already sending.

Once you’ve collected enough information, use your findings to make a solid, data-backed case for less email with leadership and other stakeholders. 

measurement example report of employee email metrics

User permissions and team control for employee communications teams

Centralize your organization’s email communications

All Bananatag plans include unlimited users, enabling your whole team, or even your entire organization, to centralize those all-staff emails in one place. Inviting users is as simple as entering their email address and setting their account permissions.

You’ll be able to quickly see how many emails are actually being sent, as well as compare open rates and engagement data across messages.

You’re also able to easily share resources like templates, brand colors, and fonts with every Bananatag user in your organization to promote professionalism and consistency across all of your internal communications.

Package multiple messages into beautiful designs

Bananatag’s drag-and-drop email designer makes creating professional, multi-column emails simple, even if you don’t have any design experience. Your team can combine multiple messages into easy-to-read newsletters that create a much better employee experience than separate, disconnected emails or overly text-heavy information dumps. 

Easily create visual hierarchies, use graphics to direct readers’ attention, and add interactive elements that inspire employees to take action in order to make fewer emails go farther than ever before.

Employee email newsletter with bundled news and content

Create custom distribution lists of employees based on location and roles

Send targeted employee communications instead of all-staff emails

Many communications aren’t relevant to an entire organization, division, or office, yet they still end up being sent to the all-staff distribution list. If your organization is like most, this is because the communicators sending the messages don’t have control over their distribution lists and rely on IT every time they need a list created or updated.

Bananatag’s Custom Distribution Lists feature allows you to upload employee data from your HRIS to Bananatag and take full control of your own distribution lists. Easily segment employees by attributes such as role, language, location, and more. 

With full power over your distribution lists, you’ll be able to easily send messages only to relevant employees while excluding others and reducing inbox clutter. Taking a more tailored approach to your communications also helps build trust as employees will know that emails from you or your team are always going to be valuable to them. 

Follow-up with only the employees who didn’t open an email

Use targeted reminders to bring important messages back to the top of the inboxes of the employees who haven’t opened your original emails. Bananatag’s Follow Up feature automatically creates a list of employees who haven’t opened a specific email, and then sends them a custom follow up message.

Send smart follow up emails to only those employees that didn’t open

The Result

Communicators love using Bananatag to help their employees reduce stress and increase productivity by spending less time in their inboxes. They’re also using Bananatag to streamline their communications, prove their strategy, create content that employees will love, and more.

“We use Bananatag to make data-driven communication decisions as well as ensure our global audience receives emails that look consistent.”

David Purcell
Internal Communication Executive, Travel Counsellors


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