Use Case

Reduce Employee Email Overload

Develop a data-driven internal email strategy and stop sending too many internal emails.

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We don’t even know if employees read our emails. It feels like our email comms are becoming less effective over time, and we heard that some are even filtered out.”

“Too many different people and departments are emailing our employees—I wish we could centralize our communications.”

We send all email to all-staff, it’s a hassle to get IT to create new distribution lists. It’s extremely important for us, but not a priority for them.”

The Challenge

Email is the best way to communicate with large groups of employees, but studies show that email overload can increase stress, decrease productivity, and ultimately dilute the effectiveness of your communications.

Many messages aren’t relevant to an entire organization, yet they still end up being sent to an all-staff distribution list. When you don’t know whether or not a message is resonating with employees, the impulse is often to send more email, increasing noise and not solving the problem.

Convincing other departments or leadership that messages shouldn’t go to all-staff, or that your organization would benefit from sending less email, is hard to do without email metrics and data.

How Bananatag helps you send
less employee email

Graph showing engagement overview

Find out what works and what doesn’t

Track open rates, click rates, and engagement for each email by location and more to identify trends.

Get feedback from employees with embedded pulse surveys.

Use your metrics to make a solid, data-backed case for sending less internal email.

Centralize your internal communications

Invite stakeholders to use Bananatag so you can create, send, and track engagement on all internal emails from one place.

Track how many emails are being sent and compare open rates and engagement data across different messages.

Team control
Bundling content

Package multiple messages into newsletters

Easily create professional emails using our drag-and-drop email designer.

Combine multiple messages into easy-to-read newsletters that create a better experience for employees.

Easily create visual hierarchies, use graphics to get direct readers’ attention, and add interactive elements that inspire employees to take action.

Send targeted employee communications

Create custom, always up-to-date distribution lists without IT.

Sync employee data from your HR system to easily segment employees by attributes like department, language, location, and more.

Easily target only relevant employees to reduce clutter and build valuable trust and reputation with employees.

Applying filters
Follow up

Follow up with employees who didn’t open an email

Use targeted reminders to bring important messages back to the top of the inboxes of employees who didn’t open your initial email.

Automatically create a list of employees who haven’t opened a specific email to send them a custom follow up message.

Why use Bananatag?



Help your employees reduce stress and increase productivity by spending less time in their inboxes.


Streamline your workflow, prove your strategy, and create content your employees will love by targeting your comms.

With Bananatag’s help, we have the data to communicate more effectively.

Elisabeth Wang

Executive Director, Brand Building and Communications at Piedmont Healthcare

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