Track email metrics across shared workstations and devices

Track email metrics across shared workstations and digital workspaces

Collect accurate employee email engagement data regardless of where and how employees work

Non-desk employees at organizations such as healthcare facilities, airports, and banks often use shared workspaces to access their email, intranet, and other employee communications channels. Many employees are also accessing their work from multiple computers and devices using digital workspaces such as Citrix or VMware.

However, the platforms and tools internal communicators use to gather metrics on their email communications typically track devices rather than individuals. This results in inaccurate and low open rates as multiple employees use the same devices, or unusually high open rates as the same employees re-open an email on multiple devices.

Does this sound like you?

At Bananatag, we talk to thousands of communicators a year and we’re always hearing things like:

  • “Our employees access their email on shared workstations so we can’t tell who actually opens their emails.”
  • “We never get accurate engagement metrics from our communications because our employees are frequently accessing their workspace from multiple devices”
  • “Our email engagement metrics always seem unrealistic.”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Bananatag is used by hundreds of organizations to track internal communications across shared and/or digital workspaces.

Measure employee email metrics by unique recipient instead of devices

How Bananatag helps track and improve email across shared and digital workspaces

Measure individual employee interactions, not just devices

Emails sent from Bananatag’s web based platform use unique recipient tracking to capture metrics based on the unique email addresses you use to communicate with your employees. This means that each employee will trigger a unique open for each email, regardless of whether they open it on the same workstation as other employees. It also means that each employee can only trigger a single unique open, even if they reopen the email on a different device or access their workspace from multiple locations using an environment like Citrix or VMware. 

Individual recipient tracking in Bananatag isn’t limited to just open rates, it also includes click rates and read times to show you exactly how employees are engaging with your emails. Repeat open rates are tracked separately, enabling you to see whether employees are referring back to important communications.

Customize your communications based on how employees work

Using Bananatag, you can easily send follow-up emails to only the individual employees who didn’t open your initial message, ensuring that you’re reaching your employees regardless of where and how they work. 

If only a portion of your employees are non-desk workers using shared terminals or digital workspaces, you can use List Segmentation Reporting to see how employee email engagement differs between these employees and those who work from more traditional office environments. 

If you find these groups of employees respond differently to different types of content or lengths of messages, you can use Bananatag to easily segment them into separate distribution lists and tailor your communications for each.

See email metrics for any segment of employees

The Result

Bananatag enables communicators at organizations that utilize shared workstations and digital workspaces to gather metrics that actually reflect how their workforce is engaging with their emails. Once communicators see what’s working and what isn’t, they’re able to easily segment and improve their employee communications based on how their employees work.

“We use Bananatag to make data-driven communication decisions as well as ensure our global audience receives emails that look consistent.”

David Purcell
Internal Communication Executive, Travel Counsellors


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