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Track accurate email metrics across shared workstations and multiple devices

Collect accurate engagement data no matter how employees access your communications.

Track Accurate Email Metrics

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“Our employees access their email on shared workstations so we can’t tell who is actually opening their emails.

We can’t segment engagement data by location or team to get more in-depth insight—we only have aggregate data.”

Our email engagement metrics seem unrealistic—we can’t present them to leadership. We can’t get accurate engagement metrics because our employees access their emails from multiple devices.”

The Challenge

Many employees check their email on multiple devices. Non-desk employees in workplaces like healthcare facilities, airports, or banks often use shared workspaces to access their email.

Many platforms and tools internal communicators use to gather metrics on their email communications track metrics by device rather than by the individual.

This results in inaccurate and low open rates as multiple employees use the same devices, or unusually high open rates as employees reopen the same email on multiple devices.

How Bananatag helps track metrics and improve email across shared workstations and workspaces

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Measure individual employee interactions, not just devices

Capture accurate email metrics by leveraging unique recipient tracking.

Ensure each employee triggers a unique open for each email, regardless of whether they share their workstation, use Citrix or VMware workspaces from multiple locations, or they reopen the email on a different device.

See exactly how employees are engaging with your emails after they open by tracking metrics like click rates and read times.

Find out if employees are referring back to important communications by tracking repeat open rates.

Customize your communications based on how employees work

Easily send follow-up emails to only those employees who didn’t open the initial email.

See how employee email engagement differs
between various employee segments, including
employees working in-office and non-desk employees.

Easily segment different types of employees into
separate distribution lists, so you can reduce email
overload and avoid all-staff emails.

Tailor your communications for employee segments
based on their specific engagement metrics and feedback.

Customized data by locations

Why use Bananatag?



Gather metrics that actually reflect how your workforce is engaging with your emails, even if they share workstations and digital workspaces.


Find out what’s working and what’s not, to segment and improve communications based on how employees work.

Bananatag has elevated our internal communications. Now I have all the data I need to make informed recommendations to leadership.

Luis Pedro Ferreira

Head of Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Communications, South America at Dana Incorporated

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